Becoming a pilot is an inspiring job that almost every young man and woman dreams of. Captain of an airline is a very reputable and highly paying job that offers fun while requiring responsibility. It is one of those workplaces that a person would love to be in. 

However, becoming a pilot is not an easy job. It requires hard work, determination, and will to succeed. If you aspire to become a pilot, you should know where to begin. Here is an ultimate guide that will provide you with a checklist of things you need to do to become a pilot. 

  1. Educational Requirements 

The first thing to do when you decide to become a pilot is to get the required education. Not everyone can apply to become a pilot. You need to have a special degree that supports your dream. First of all, you must have a high school degree to apply for the job. 

Moreover, you should look for specific higher education in the fields of aviation, aeronautical sciences, or aeronautical engineering. These degrees will strengthen your aviation knowledge and provide you with a credible base to enter the field. 

  1. Selecting A Flight School

Just a bachelor’s or Master’s degree will not do the job when you wish to become a commercial pilot. You will need the required training that is offered by special flight schools. 

You should enroll yourself in a reputable flight school that is recognized by major airlines so that you do not have to suffer from rejections. Go through extensive training to become a pilot.

  1. Fulfilling Medical Requirements 

All airlines require a standard medical certificate from reputable examiners to consider a person to become a pilot. This medical examination requires you to pass a certain standard for mental and physical health. 

You will need to get yourself physically examined by recognized medical professionals. For instance, if you live in San Angelo, TX then you will have to pass a medical examination at first-class AME san angelo tx

  1. Earning Required License 

Once you have cleared all the initial stages of becoming a commercial airline pilot, you will have to get the license. No one can fly an airplane without a license. Without a license, your flight training will not be considered complete. 

Obtain a private pilot license (PPL) to further proceed to your dream job. You will have to complete certain hours of flight, ground school, and passing practical tests. After getting the license, you can fly an aircraft for personal use as well. 

  1. Acquiring Certificates

Lastly, you can progress in the field by Acquiring additional certificates that will strengthen your resume. You will need certificates such as instrument rating (IR) and Commercial Pilot License (CPL). 

Once you have obtained CPL, you will be considered eligible to apply for commercial airlines. These certificates can also allow you to fly in different ranges and conditions, which can help you proceed in the profession. The more certificates you achieve, the better chance you have for career growth.